You are…not like the others, are you?

You have always been kind of special.

And sometimes it’s been great to be you, and sometimes it’s been terribly lonely.

But you have survived.

And now you might feel ready to share your gifts with the world.

You could use an extra $100 or $1000 or $10,000 and you know in your heart of hearts that the world really does need your art.

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If only…you could figure out how.

If only…you knew where to find the people who would buy it.

If only…it didn’t feel so horribly uncomfortable to market your self and your work and ask for money and deal with all that sales stuff.

And maybe you’ve even signed up for other courses or bought books or listened to audios on how to have your own business, but somehow…they weren’t really talking to you.

You started thinking that maybe you needed to be someone different in order to succeed.

Yep. I’ve been there.

And I am here to tell you — listen closely now — you can succeed right now.

Exactly as you are.

With nothing extra, no special tools, nothing to buy or learn or get certified for.

You don’t even need to be ready.

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I have built a multi-six figure business doing things that everyone told me wouldn’t work. I use art and poetry and humor and my own wackadoodle personality to attract the world’s most wonderful clients. And now many of them are out in the world making money and spreading joy, too.

We are lighthouses.

And I want you to be a lighthouse, too.

Here’s what some of my other lighthouses have written to me lately (BTW, I’ve been speaking at the ICON14 conference all week in Phoenix and I haven’t had a chance to ask them for permission to use their quotes, which is why I’ve only listed their initials – thanks for understanding.)



“I AM really stepping into a leadership, teaching and healing role in a larger way than I have before.” – R.F., Healer

“I get it now: I really can live the life of my dreams.” – P.N., Painter

“Your words set me free.” – E.B., writer



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– exactly HOW to get past your shyness and “put on the rock star coat” so that you can better serve the world

“I appreciate that your teleseminars aren’t drawn-out commercials. They have valuable content, and that led me to trust you and purchase from you.” -N.S., musician, CA

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Thank you. And I look forward to being with you live on Sunday, May 4th.