Have you said this sentence to yourself about your creative projects, your clutter or getting your business off the ground?


“I know what I need to do…I just have to make myself do it.”



I’ve said it, too.

And it’s a huge, horrible lie.


The truth is this:

You are aware of one method that you could use to get your project moving and…you’re not interested in it.


It’s like you’re standing down at the bottom of a mountain….


You can see the top and you think, “Oh! I really want to go there!”


From where you are, you can see one big path up the mountain. Lots of people are on this path.


But for some reason, you don’t want to take that path. You think about it, but you don’t move.


It’s just…not for you.


You may even start to wonder if there’s another way up the mountain.


But then your big “rational” voice says, “Don’t be silly. There’s the road up the mountain. Just do it. Just make yourself do it. What’s your problem? Are you lazy? Why don’t you just do it already?”


This voice is amplified by helpful magazine articles and practical-minded friends and well-meaning fools who keep telling you, “There’s only this one way up the mountain and you know you need to climb the mountain so get on with it, why don’t you?”


And yet you don’t move.


You start to feel worse and worse — because you really do want to get to the top of the mountain. So maybe you work on your self-esteem or you say affirmations or you try enforcing your willpower… but still…






No movement.


Here’s the truth:
You aren’t moving because, honey — THAT ISN’T YOUR PATH.


There IS a way for you to climb that mountain and accomplish your goals… it’s just not the way you think.


After all, you are a Creative Genius.


You think different.


Your life is about art and self-expression and healing people and laughter and loving and doing the kind of work that doesn’t even feel like work because you love it so much and you don’t even notice the time passing.


And The World Needs Your Art.


So Here’s My Proposition:
The Monster Get It Done Teleclass is especially designed to help you —

Session #1: Figure out which of your projects to work on first

Session #2: Create a personalized project plan that’s both fun & easy (your own personal way up the mountain)

Session #3: Break through your self-imposed barriers to success

Session #4: Discover the perfect vocabulary for expressing the truth about you & your work (useful for both marketing and general self-worth)

Session #5: Find your tribe of ideal clients, collaborators and colleagues

Session #6: Stay in action (no petering out halfway through, OK?) and CELEBRATE!


Plus there’s bonus “Office Hours” calls and a year-long membership in my 365 Club PLUS you get a free ticket to the 3-Day

Retreat in San Diego, June 20-23, “The Big Yes: How To Overcome Procrastination, Perfectionism and Self-Doubt and Say YES to

Your Creative Prosperity”


Fun, right?


So if you’re ready to create your own success and make joyful progress on your projects in your own (ididiosyncratic, genius-y) ways, then check out The Monster Get It Done 6-Week Teleclass page here: www.MonsterGetItDone.com and sign yourself up!


(And if it turns out to not be the right thing for you, no worries – just let me know before May 8th and I’ll cheerfully refund your tuition. No questions asked. No hassle. No problem.)


I’m ready to help you find YOUR way up the mountain, so let me know – are you in?





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Thank you. – SSB.