Starting over can be so dispiriting, you know?

Even just the phrase, “starting over” implies that one is going back to the beginning. And from kindergarten on up, we are taught that having to go back to the beginning is not a good sign.

And worse, it sounds boring. It sounds like now we’re stuck having to go back and do the same dumb things that didn’t even work the first time.

This is no way to appeal to the bright, creative, industrious person that you are.

So let’s rephrase:

“I’m starting a whole new thing!”

“First I was planting and watering, now I’m pruning and harvesting.”

“First I was doing somersaults on the floor, then on the balance beam, now I’m doing them mid-air on the uneven bars.”

“Same problem: different outfit!”

“My life is a gyre – I move in ever-widening circles, gaining altitude each time.”

When you need to begin again, make sure you can do so with the fresh, open joy of a true new beginning.