“Hi Sam; 

While I applaud your efforts with this event and wholeheartedly agree with your philosophy, the bottom line is that you are a motivational speaker and people feed off of your energy because that is something that they cannot provide for themselves.   It’s not about the book or the event, it’s about your personality and charisma…The problem is, once the book is read and the event attended we are usually back to square one… 

Anyway, I wish you success in your efforts and I will continue to watch your webinars, you are really quite therapeutic but unless you are going to move in with me and give me a kick in the pants 24/7, this stuff usually doesn’t work.   

– B.” 


Here’s what I wrote back:

“Hi B. – 

I think that what you are saying is exactly true — but only for about 80% of my audience. 

That 80% attend a free training, they get excited…..and then they go right back to their same old patterns and nothing changes. 

As near as I can tell, that 80% number is true for all personal development stuff from gym memberships to preachers to diet plans to financial strategies to everything else on the planet. Shoot – most of us wear only 20% of our wardrobe most of the time; the other 80% goes unworn. (It’s the Pareto Principle.) 

And I think that’s fine. 

If 80% of my people are going to use me as a source of temporary inspiration and entertainment, well, then — what’s wrong with that? 

The remaining 20%, though….they actually DO IT. 

They take the strategies and ideas I teach and they run with it and they change. 

They double their income. 
They get out of destructive relationships. 
They publish their book. 
They get their “dream” business up and running. 
My experience is that when people are — well, I was going to write “ready” to change, but I mean more than that — when change becomes MANDATORY for them — they find the teacher who’s right for them and they change. 

So, B., if you suspect that you’ve reached the “mandatory” stage…or even if you’d just like a temporary shot of inspiration, I’d love to invite you to join us. 
Thanks so much for taking the time to write. 

Here’s my question for you —
Are you ready to be part of the 20%?
Are you hungry to see RESULTS?
Look, in the past 11 days I have: 
– Handed in my 2nd draft of my new book to my publisher – whoot! whoot! 

– Bought a new car because it was time to retire my wonderful 2000 Honda Accord with 184,000 miles on it. 

– Spent 2 mind-melting-in-a-good-way days at a Byron Katie Workshop in Ojai 

– Screwed up my courage to introduce myself to Stephen Mitchell (Katie’s husband) who is one of my literary heroes — I felt really shy, but I HAD to tell him how much his work has meant to me over the years and I knew I couldn’t keep encouraging you all to push past your perceived limitations if I wasn’t willing to do the same.

– Had a long, wonderful talk over an excellent bottle of wine with one of my oldest friends, who also happens to be a big TV star (and I got ALL the good Hollywood gossip….) 

– Started a new paint-by-numbers. Don’t laugh. Paint by numbers is cool. 

– Paid about a gabilion dollars in taxes — which was great because that means business is good and getting better all the time and plus I had salted the money away over the course of the year, so I could pay in full. My tax dude is very proud of me. 

– Taught 7 classes — 6 online, 1 in person — to a total of over 1500 brilliant creative students. You can check out the open Q&A call I did here if you want a sample:http://iTeleseminar.com/83976132 

– Drove into LA to drop-in on my favorite improv class taught by the great Dave Razowsky– I don’t want to let my acting skills get rusty just because I moved to the beach, right? 

– Had 2 fun date nights with my sweetheart plus a few lovely beach walks. 

– Made a lovely potato-leek soup from scratch from my old Julia Child cookbook – yum. 
– Attended an Infusionsoft training webinar taught by my old pal Jordan Hatch so I can stay up on all the latest marketing technology. 

– Plus had a crown replaced (ugh) got my iPhone fixed (also ugh) had two short, effective Team Meetings with my fabulous crew and finished two novels. 

And I gotta say — it’s not like this past 11 days is all that different from the rest of my calendar. 

But if you had told me 10 years ago that my life would look like this, I would have said, “IMPOSSIBLE.” I was broke, suffering from severe depression and while my creative life was OK, my financial life and my spiritual well-being were in serious jeopardy. 

I couldn’t see how my life could ever change. 

But I was willing to give it a try. So I got a coach, committed to a program and started down the path to here. 

I invested, and I dug myself out of that hole and got out of my own way. And I can help you get out of your own way, too. 

I created the principles, tactics and strategies in The Get It Done Workshop so that I could lead this creatively fulfilled, financially sustainable, spiritually enriched and FUN life. 

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