What would you like to share with the world? What do you wish other people knew? Here’s the thing- people want to pay you. People want to give you money. People want to hire you. They like you already. We like to do business with people we like.

This is one of the things about being a highly creative person- you’re so good at so many things that you don’t notice how good you are, and the things that come to you most easily, you really dismiss. You think, well that’s nothing, everybody can do that.

So all these talents and skills that you have that you completely dismiss? You dismiss them because you feel like you didn’t earn them. I don’t know how I do that. I just do that. I just know how, I don’t know why. You dismissed them because you don’t have a degree in it. You haven’t formally studied it.

It was a year ago that it dawned on me.

I’ve never taken a writing workshop. I don’t know what they teach people when they teach writing. I never bothered to take a writing workshop. I just wrote. I was like, Oh, maybe I should check that out sometime. I wonder what they do in there. It was years before I thought of myself as a real writer.

I still kind of don’t think of myself as a real writer, the three/eight (depending on how you’re counting) published books, I wrote a really successful musical. I don’t know how much more “real” a writer gets, but there you have it.

So, you don’t think it’s worth anything, cause you don’t even know how you know how to do it. It’s an unconscious competence, right? You dismiss it cause you don’t have a degree in it. You think, oh, other people must know more about that than me. You dismiss it cause you think nobody else would be interested in it. Like, well, I know I love learning about organic gardening, or I love past life regressions, or I love this, but I don’t know that anybody else cares about that.

Oh, believe me, they will totally care about it. I was just looking the top courses on LinkedIn Learning (which is a huge e-learning platform) are on communication. People don’t know how to talk. They don’t know how to empathize. They don’t know how to be kind and authoritative at the same time. They don’t know how to claim and use their power in their office or in their family.

There’s a lot of things that you guys know about how the world works and how people work that you could be teaching. Get registered for the 24 Painful Mistakes to avoid when creating an online webinar. What I learned the hard way.

There was a great preview call I did last Saturday- I had a thousand people register for that call. A thousand. I’ve never had a thousand people register for anything. And people really showed up and then they bought. People are enrolling in this course a lot, because it’s really what everybody needs right now.

You have an opportunity to teach softer skills, you know, like empathy, relationships, courage. And you certainly have opportunities to teach hard skills- how to quilt like this, how to do this technique, Excel pivot tables…I don’t know, whatever.

That’s what I want you to do. Ask yourself, what would you like to share with the world? What do you wish other people knew. So, whether you do it by joining the Turner wisdom and online workshops class or not (of course I want you there if you want to be there!) but even if you’re not going to take that class, I want you to think about that. How can I just claim my authority a little bit more?

For me, the phrase that really helps is the phrase “I know what I know”.

I won a really big marketing award my first year in business, which was crazy because I didn’t know anything about marketing. I turned out as sort of a marketing savant, and then people were asking me to speak or give a workshop on marketing. And I was like, I don’t know… who am I to talk about that? I don’t know anything about that. And I thought, well, but I know what I know. And the fact that I wasn’t trained in it and just kind of went with my gut and things were against the rules… I didn’t know it was supposed to be hard. So I just did it the way it made sense to me, and it turns out that was really innovative and continues to be innovative. I’m actually speaking at a conference again next month about this very thing.

So remember… “I know what I know”. And it doesn’t matter how.

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