The What If…Workshop: where imagination meets practicality. It’s only $147 and it starts next week 11/18/13 — check it out here (link funky? try pasting this into your browser: )

And I’m so excited about this new class that I wrote you a poem…

What If…

This last year was the year
for sure
where you were
getting organized
getting the book done
getting the clutter cleared
starting yoga – again –
and really connecting with your
Inner Voice.
Really figuring out what you really want.
Really asking for it.
Really getting it.

But it seems like every time you tried to
make a move
someone needed you
there was a crisis
the dog got sick and
the roof broke open and
he lost his job and
those tests at the hospital what a
long night that was and
the money just wasn’t there – again –

And then
and then
and then
the voices in your head got started:

Who Do You Think You Are, Anyway?
Everyone’s Already Doing That.
You’re Not Qualified.
The Technology Is Too Hard.
You Never Finish Anything Anyway.

And so you stand there with the crumpled remains of a year in your hands.

Your hands that ache
to write
to play
to draw
to dance
to work
to share
to shape
to cut
to color
to create.

Your heart cries out.
Your hands cry out.
Please don’t let it be too late.


It’s not too late.
It’s never too late.
As long as you draw breath,
it cannot be too late.

Start now.
Write one sentence right now.
Keep one promise to yourself right now.
Do something just for you right now.
Be undistractible.

Because this is your year for sure.

©2013 Sam Bennett

The What If…Workshop

Where imagination meets practicality: dreaming, prioritizing and doing for creative wackadoodle geniuses like you and me.

4 sessions:
Monday, Nov. 18 – Monday, Dec. 9
5pm PT/8pm ET

– You do not have to be there in person.

– All sessions are recorded & available for download so you can listen again & again.

– Call in from wherever you are OR listen online.

– This ALL-NEW curriculum is perfect for you if:

You want to get clear about what you should do next & the “next steps” that will get you there.

You want to get out of your own way.

You are sick of perfectionism blocking your happiness & productivity.

You’re ready to quit doing things the same old way and try something new.

You’re in the mood to experiment.

You’ve been meaning to take a workshop with me, but it just hasn’t been the right time, right offer or right price up to now.

And of course, satisfaction is guaranteed or your tuition cheerfully refunded.

—> find out more about The What If…Workshop here

Did I mention that it’s only $147?

See, that’s because I know I’ve been offering a lot of higher-end stuff this year, and it was important to me to close out this year with a no-brainer offer that anyone, at any level, could participate in and get GREAT BENEFIT from.

Let me know what you think about it, hm? After all, YOU all are my “market research” : ) and your feedback really matters to me.

—> find out more about The What If…Workshop here (click now because it starts next week! EEEP!)

P.S. What’s YOUR “What If…”? I bet you could help a lot of people by sharing it in the comments below….