“I love your work…”

“Wow, your life is so perfect…”

“You changed my life…”

Sounds great, right? All that praise and approval?

Isn’t that just what you’ve always wanted?

So why do you have a horrible, sinking feeling in your stomach?

There are quite a few unexpected thoughts and feelings that can arise when you begin to be a successful public person:

  • “I’m a fraud.”
  • “Everyone thinks my life is perfect and it is SO not perfect – I feel awful.”
  • “Why is being so popular so exhausting?”

Don’t worry – you’re not crazy. You’re just dealing with a very wonderful problem.

Here’s the link to the blog post I created about this topic for the wonderful people over at CreateHype.com:


And here’s the free audio event I recorded about this topic:

I’d love to hear your thoughts….