— a limited series about unconventional economics —

You don’t feel ready to quit your day job.

You don’t feel ready to put yourself out there.

You don’t feel ready to call yourself an entrepreneur.

You don’t feel ready to go to conferences.

You don’t feel ready to have a website.

You don’t feel ready to figure out social media.

You don’t feel ready to even take one tiny step toward the life you dream of.


Oh – wait.


What was that last one?

About feeling ready to take one tiny step?



Maybe *that* you could do.


Make a list of 5 tiny steps you could do right now.

  • Maybe you could reach out to one person you adore who might have some good advice for you.
  • Maybe you could spend 15 minutes a day working on your ideas.
  • Maybe you could do a Google search for your dream gig, and check out the websites of others who are doing it.
  • Maybe you could…(fill in the blank)



“Sam, you teach live-time and with authenticity that is rare. What do I wish someone had told me about joining Sam’s Pro Club? That you will get off to a quick start because everyone’s time involved is valuable. You will get your investment back in income and/or education. You will learn things that you haven’t even imagined yet. You will become a better, faster decision-maker. You won’t be alone in your craft, art, goals, big ideas, and wins. You will learn how to fail forward fabulously. You will be surrounded by beautiful, generous, talented folks. And you will get all of this because you first said yes to yourself and a wonderful opportunity.” – Angie McIntyre, recent alumni of Sam’s Pro Club

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