— a limited series about unconventional economics —

You are so imaginative.

But I do wish you would use your imaginative powers for GOOD, you know?

Because I see you using your imagination to convince yourself that:

  • It’s too late for you
  • Everyone is already doing this
  • No one will pay for this
  • You’re not good at business stuff
  • You hate marketing
  • It would be so horrible if you were to fail
  • It might be even more horrible to succeed
  • You don’t want to put yourself out there
  • You’re not really qualified
  • You don’t even know exactly what you want to do

And these thoughts repeat over and over again in your head.

They keep you frozen.

They keep you stuck.

They keep you playing small.


Just for fun, let’s turn that litany on it’s head and imagine:

  • It’s the perfect time for you
  • No one is doing this the way you can
  • Your ideal clients will happily pay for this
  • You are good enough at business stuff, plus you’ll learn as you go
  • You love making new friends
  • It would be so interesting to fail
  • It would be even more interesting to succeed
  • You do want to put yourself out there
  • You are as qualified as you need to be right now
  • You have at least a sliver of an idea about what you want to do


How true are those statements?

As true as the first batch?

Maybe even more true?


Here’s what I believe to be true about you:

You are a strong-minded creative who is great at making magic.

You may be fragile, but you have an indomitable spirit.

You have a strong desire to use your gifts to do work that matters.


That makes you the perfect candidate to start exploring the world of creative entrepreneurship.



“I gave notice this week and my last day at the corporate job is [next week]. No drama, no trepidation, no angst on my part. I am leaving the identity as an employee in the rear view mirror.” – C.W., current member of Sam’s Pro Club

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