Almost Perfect, Except For Just This One Thing… by samanthabennett222
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You’re never satisfied, are you?

Even when something is great, you are always thinking that it could be just a skotch better.

You are always revising.

Your whole life is brief, fleeting moments of satisfaction that only serve to punctuate the endless wash of “if only.”

The grass is not only greener on the other side, it is richer, thinner and better-looking as well.

You just can’t leave well enough alone, can you?

Guess what:  nobody can.

Human beings are especially designed to be dissatisfied.  We are in a near constant state of dissatisfaction.  Dissatisfaction is what we do best.  Our brains are constructed to be always ticking along, thinking, “How could this be better?”

And, perhaps more importantly, “How can I be better?”

We are always seeing something that isn’t there and wishing that it was.  And artists are more dissatisfied than anyone else.

Artists are better than anyone at seeing a new solution, a new means of expression, a new version of perfection.  Artists specialize in seeing what’s not there.  Out of nothing, artists create something.

This nothing-into-something business is what people talk about when they talk about miracles, and artists do that sort of miracle more often than most.  Of course, mothers and fathers do it, too – that’s why we call it the “miracle” of birth.

Talk about nothing into something: first there was nothing and now there’s a whole new person in the world!  And good cooks do it, naturally.  And gardeners.  And children do it constantly.

So this chronic dissatisfaction you are feeling is not a bad thing.  It is Divine Dissatisfaction.  It is the restless spirit of creativity calling you to action.  You are being called to create.  You are being called to reveal the miracle within you.

So, next time you feel like you are an empty well under a clear blue sky, remember: There’s Nothing Wrong With A Little Divine Dissatisfaction.

What are you divinely dissatisfied with today?  And what do you think you might do about that?

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