Happy New Year! 

Welcome to the fresh and shiny possibilities. 

Oh… wait. “It’s not January 1st?”

That’s ok. Your New Year…

Your Creative Year…

Your Successful Year…

Can begin any day. Even today. 



PS: And if it IS January 1st (or there ’bouts), all the better. Click the video image below to begin “Your Creative Year.” 

“Thank you so much for your bright mind, right on information, and your acute knowledge about the artist.” – L., Montreal, Canada

“This has been the best way to start the year for this procrastinator!” -S., El Paso, TX

“These questions have helped me see that I am here to inspire and light the path for others, that I don’t need to “save” them. It takes so much responsibility and self-sacrifice off my shoulders and makes the path and process lighter! Thank you.” – L., Los Angeles CA

“Wow, Sam — these questions are amazing – I never thought to ask a lot of them and this has the potential to really help me find out what I want – Thank you!” – T.B., South Africa

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